About Glen

Glen's is a poet, a writer and a dreamer. Using his creative mind, he tranfsorms words into a temporary environment you feel a part of. Glen has a way of channeling his thoughts and captivating his readers. He has some of the most beautiful and thought provoking poems ever written. A myriad of different styles and many different themes... Glen writes a great mix of poetry and creates lovely images in my heart and mind....Really great to have around when one feels like looking at some of the important things in life!

As a child, Glen Rudge enjoyed his adventures as a Cub Scout where he explored the beautiful landscape of California. Later, he joined the Sea Scouts where he learned navigation and the rules and regulations of boating which was a passion for him. Often sailing, motoring, or building rafts which he maneuvered around the waterways of Alameda. He has lived a life rich with experience he shares with almost everyone he meets.

The art of giving? It is still alive and radiates in Glen’s writing. Each book answers different questions and poses alternative ideas and feelings for the reader. He hopes you find them enlightening and enjoyable. Who knows, perhaps his work can expand your horizons while making you laugh and/or cry or just say OH MY GOD! How'd he come up with that. Either way he writes for you... ENJOY!